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Financial Advisory for Individuals and Families

Enjoy a personalised, goal-based portfolio for maximising wealth, leveraging investment opportunities, navigating taxation complexities and securing loans for achieving your life goals.

Corporate Advisory

Grow your business with strategic financial, taxation and legal services that optimise cash flow, improve operations and ensure compliance with government and industry guidelines on a local, regional and global level.

Startup Advisory

Navigate what is likely to be a new and often complex environment for your next venture with our funding and operational advisory services for startups.

Why Choose GrowEasy Consulting

Objective-based portfolio

You don’t want to use someone else’s template of products applied to you as a standard and be stuck when such products fail to win you returns in a fluctuating market. Our agenda is to help you stick to your plan, no matter what, by creating an objective-based portfolio. Our advisors have a keen awareness of the risks and opportunities in the market, and by working closely with you, we create the kind of portfolio that brings you returns over both the short and long term

Grow with ease

We walk the walk with you, which means we only make gains when you do! We are continuously adding to our intelligence to help you make the most of new opportunities at just the right time. By identifying the drivers of performance and leveraging business trends, our advisors ensure that you can grow with ease. We want to help you focus on doing what you love best – whether it is seeing your business crack new markets or brainstorming on the interiors of your next weekend home. 

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Driven by our commitment to see you grow

We take a genuine interest in who you are and we look at the world through your eyes. This what makes us different from other financial and business advisors.

We promise to deliver certainty and confidence under different market conditions, which is why we only offer the kind of advice that will give you competitive advantages and meaningful returns.

Our advisory services are all about helping you learn to navigate your environment with ease, so we foster open and transparent communication backed by data and logic every step of the way.

Making your dreams a reality

First, we listen

Then, we devise a strategy

We review continuously


We have designed our services keeping in mind the unique needs of the high-net-worth individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, or corporates we work with. Our advisory services bring new perspectives and comprehensive, objective advice on financial and business matters. Whether your goals are related to taxes, new business setup, corporate growth, investments, or retirement, we provide services that are personalised to your needs and are balanced to take advantage of market opportunities, evolving trends and the industry regulations.

Financial Advisory for Individuals and Families

Tailor-made financial plans help you grow as you add new ambitions to your sight. With financial and loan advisory, we help you decide on the best course of action to capitalise on new opportunities in the market and maximise your earnings, investments, and savings.

Investment is all about fulfilling future ambitions – whether you want to accumulate savings to take an international family vacation every year, have a comfortable retirement or pass on wealth to future generations. Your decisions today will sprout treasure chests tomorrow. We help you discover what types of investments will maximise returns to fit your goals, timeline, risk tolerance, and regulatory requirements.

Mutual Funds     |     Bonds     |     Private Equity     |     Portfolio management services
    |      Alternate investments     |     Risk cover: Life    |      Risk cover: Non life    |      Real estate     |     Family office services     |     Art advisory

You need smart tax planning to ensure sound financial planning. We help you analyse how to reduce tax liabilities and maximise opportunities to preserve more of your wealth.

Individual taxation      |      Professional tax management     |     Bookkeeping (for professionals)

You can meet your capital requirements, whether for individual use or for business purposes by securing a loan. We help you arrive at a borrowing capacity, by evaluating and comparing lending options available in the market and advising you on how to structure your debt. 

Home loans     |     Personal loans     |     Auto loans     |     Loans against property     |     Loans agains securities

Corporate Advisory

Our corporate advisory services have been created to assist corporations micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) in meeting their strategic objectives. By combining the global and local perspectives of our advisors, you can establish a comprehensive process for managing the financial, operational and legal tasks and align it to your company’s growth strategies. This gives you a competitive advantage – we take away the hassle of managing the everyday operations and administrative transactions and you get the freedom to focus on creating and delivering your innovative products and solutions to your customers.

Company secretarial services     |     Legal services     |     Compliance and company law advisory     |    Corporate taxation and accounting

Startup Advisory

Startups need a portfolio that supports growth and valuation. With our startup services, we ensure that entrepreneurs have the support system they need to create a strategic financial roadmap. We play an active role in helping you from the very first day when you want to register your business, and then go on to secure funding, navigate the challenges of new business journeys, optimise cash flow, create a sustainable startup and scale your business for higher revenue and amazing exits.

You want to convince investors that you are prime time material to secure funding. We help you fine-tune your pitch, evaluate financial models and conduct valuations for external funding to help you raise money for your new venture. 

Angel funding      |      Crowdfunding     |     Venture capital funding     |     Incubator funding     |     Seed funding

Prepare yourself for the market by focusing on perfecting your solution and customer experience, while we take care of your business licenses, business development, employee management, compliance and taxation formalities.

Sales advisory     |     Marketing services     |     Digital marketing assistance     |     Channel management services      |      Employee management services     |     Taxation services

About Us

Grow Easy Consulting was born with a philosophy of helping businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals realise their ambition by effectively guiding their financial and business decisions. It is all about the big picture – where you are today and where you want to be is what drives your professional and personal goals. This is why, at Grow Easy Consulting, we spend time getting to know every client intimately. We know building anything – your funds, business or family wealth – takes tremendous love, patience and passion. We want to help you preserve what you have and grow it manifold with certainty and confidence.

Sumeet Verma (Founder, Grow Easy Consulting) has been working in the financial industry for 16 years and has spent a decade in the wealth domain. He has been at the centre of money matters for a long time. He discovered that many financial and business growth solutions were built to push products, which meant that more often than not, you would have been given a generic product or solution.
HNIs and their families wanted to know where to invest, how to manage their assets and liabilities and how to ensure that they and their children would continue to maintain their lifestyle for decades to come. Off-the-shelf products which did not always work to give them the best returns.

Then there were many businesses, especially SMEs and startups that got caught up in handling everything by themselves, all at once, with limited time and budget. Generic products did not necessarily align with an entrepreneur’s vision for growth and were more susceptible to failure.

The result was that despite promising starts, businesses failed and the dreams of the founders were undone. So in 2019, Sumeet decided to start Grow Easy Consulting. He wanted to make the growth of businesses and finances a personal, unique and objective experience. His concept is driven by clear objectives – to listen to what the client wants, get to the heart of their dreams and disappointments, and implement a growth plan that lets them exercise their passions without getting lost in the complexities of the financial, taxation and legal world.

Our Team

Sumeet Verma

Founder & Director

Sumeet is a dynamic professional with 14+ years of experience managing banking sales.

Specialization include: Relationship management, wealth management, customer service, branding and marketing.

Munish Kanuga

Co-founder & Director of investments

As a seasoned financial expert, Munish has amassed 14+ years of experience in the banking and financial industry.

Specialization include: Insurance, Investment, financial inclusions, sales. 

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